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Dealer Agreement

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This DEALER AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is entered into at San Diego, California, as of August 18, 2006, by and between CapSource Equipment Company, Inc., a Nevada Corporation doing business in Texas as Prime Time Trailers (“Dealer”), and Hyundai Translead, a California Corporation (“Hyundai”).


Article II
Appointment of Dealer
Hyundai appoints Dealer, on a non-exclusive basis, and Dealer accepts such appointment, as an authorized dealer to market, sell and support Hyundai Goods in the Territory. Hyundai reserves the right during the term of this Agreement to sell Hyundai Goods directly to other parties within the Territory, and to appoint other dealers to sell Hyundai Goods within the Territory.

Article III
Obligations of Dealer
Dealer agrees to:

1. Actively and vigorously market Hyundai Goods;

2. Use its best efforts to attain the sales targets set forth on Exhibit A, attached hereto (“Sales Targets”);

3. Display conspicuously at Dealer’s Facilities, at Dealer’s cost, Hyundai-approved sales, service and parts signs;

4. Establish and maintain a flooring financing plan in a minimum amount of $225,000.00.


Article VI
1. Hyundai agrees to advertise Hyundai Goods nationally in such media and to such extent as Hyundai, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate for the promotion and sale of Hyundai Goods.

2. Subject to Hyundai’s prior approval, and at Dealer’s expense, Dealer may engage in independent advertising and promotion of Hyundai Goods.

3. Hyundai will make available to Dealer brochures and other advertising or promotional material, in accordance with the Hyundai Co-Operative Advertising Policy, a copy of which is attached hereto and marked Exhibit D.

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