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Talent Agreement

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Talent Agreement (“Agreement”) dated as of March 8, 2006 by and between
CirTran Corporation, a Nevada corporation (“CTC”), and Holyfield Management,
Inc., a Georgia corporation (“HM”), for the services of Evander Holyfield.

Whereas, CTC has obtained the manufacturing, marketing and distribution
rights from Euro-G.E.M. Gmbh, a German corporation (“EG”) in Japan, North
America and South America (the “Territory”) for the Perfect Grill No. PG-388
(the “Basic Grill”), an electric indoor grill as described on Schedule 1; and

Whereas, CTC has granted to Harrington Business Development, Inc., a
Florida corporation (“HBD”), the exclusive right to advertise, promote, market,
sell and otherwise distribute the Basic Grill in the Territory by direct
response television programming and other means;

Whereas, EG has granted CTC the exclusive right to manufacture the
basic Grill for sale through EG or its licensees in areas outside of the
Territory (the “Extended Territory”); and

Whereas, CTC desires to have Evander Holyfield (the “Performer”)
endorse and promote the Basic Grill and to use the name and likeness of Evander
Holyfield (the “Performer”) on the Basic Grill and/or its packaging. Basic
Grills bearing the name or likeness of the Performer on the product itself or
its packaging are referred to herein as the “Endorsed Product”.

Whereas, CTC will cause HBD to produce a television infomercial program
approximately 30 minutes in length (the “Infomercial”) demonstrating and
promoting the Endorsed Products; and

Whereas, HM controls the rights for the Performer to appear in the
Infomercial and promote the Endorsed Product; and

Whereas, the parties wish to set forth in this Agreement the terms upon
which HM shall cause Performer to provide his services in connection with
production of the Infomercial and promoting the Endorsed Product.

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